HS-4806 High Speed Programmable Computer Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine Wire Stripper

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High Precision CATV CCTV Coaxial Cable Wire Stripping Machine Shielding Cable StripperHS-BX4806 Dia 1-7mm

Product Specifications

This model is semi-auto servo motor coaxial wire stripping machine, suitable for shielding cable, coaxial cable, multi core inner wire and single core wire with easy operation and high precision.

Product features

-Suitable for all kinds of semi-flexible and flexible coaxial cable, charging cable, medical wire, multi-layer precision stripping, no damage to the wire core
-HMI touch screen, easy to understand and operation. It can peel up to 10 layers and store up to 99 machining parameters
-The use of rotating head, well-designed blades, improve the stability and service life of the blade
-Servo motor, precise ball screw and multi-point motion control system are adopted to ensure stable and efficient working performance
-The blades adopt imported tungsten steel and titanium alloy layer, sharp and durable

Packing Information

Capacity700-1200pcs/h(according to wire)
Cenering Slab2pcs Tungsten Steel Material
Coaxial Multi layer Cable MachineMicro Coaxial Cables
Coaxial Wire StripperFor Multi-layered Stripping
Cutting Depth0.01mm
DisplayTouch Screen
Knife Blade2 pcs Carbide Material
Max Diameter7mm
Max Peeling Layer10 layers
Max Peeling Length50mm
Model NumberHS-4806
OriginMainland China
TypeMale to Female

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