Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine with 1 Die Set Option

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Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Wire with Terminal Crimping Plier by Air

Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Plier Description

1. Suitable for : Pre-insulated terminals, Single Grain Terminals, Tubular Terminal, Flag Terminals, Insert Spring Terminals,  Wire Joints Terminals...

2. Function : To Crimping all kind of terminal with Wire make them fixed each other, connect each other ;

3. Crimping Range: Pre-insulated terminals (0.5 - 6mm²), Single Grain Terminals(0.5-16mm²), Tubular Terminals(0.25-50mm²), Flag Terminals(²), Insert Spring Terminals(0.5-6mm²), Wire Joints Terminals(0.5-6mm²);

4. Air Pressure: 13.5KN;

5. Pneumatic wire crimping machine Size: 26x12x14cm;

6. Pneumatic Terminal crimping machine weight: 7kg

7. Pneumatic Terminal plier spare parts: 1 pcs pedal, 1pcs plier head, 2pcs air tube;

Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine Specification

1. with double functiion cylinder to drive make products have good crimping view and high efficiency;

2. Crimping Plier can change, so suitable for all kind of terminal crimping;

Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine Samples Show

Wire Crimping Machine Package

Below Extra Crimping Plier can choose 

For example: HS-10 with A03A  means we will send out machine with A03A Plier;

if you have special plier request , on the below picture can find, please write model no. to me , if couldn't find your need plier , please send me message , we accept customized plier.

Applicationelectronic;Pneumatic Type Terminal Crimping Machine
Inlet Tube Size8mm
MaterialCarbon Steel
Model NumberPneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine
NamePneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine
OriginMainland China
Range of Applicationno-insulated and U type terminal
TypeMale to Female;Pneumatic Terminal Plier
Working pressure13.5KN

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