Power Cord Cable Tying Machine for Large Cable Coil

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Product details

Model: SR-90A80

Weight: 55kg

Power supply: AC 220V

Binding diameter: 40-80mm

Binding speed: 0.6/s

Operating panel: Touch screen control

Machine Introduction

(1) Multi-function:

You can set the tie length, the number of coils, the target output, and production statistics can be automatically generated, the operation is simple and easy to understand.

(2)Widely used:

The device uses plastic coated core wire, suitable for a variety of AC / DC power cord, video signal lines, network cable, data cable, headphone cable and other types of transmission lines tied into a bunch of work.

(3) Easy to operate:

Staff just need to place the cable coil in the binding machine mouth, the machine automatically complete 1 second tie work.



Model NumberSR-90A80
OriginMainland China

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