HS-3FN Pneumatic Wire Stripper Twisting Wire Stripping Machine Wire Twist Cable Peeling Machine

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3FN Vertical Type Wire Stripping and Twisting Machine

Pneumatic Stripping and Twisting Machine

Multi-Core Sheathed Wire Stripping Peeling Machine

Product Features

HS-3FN pneumatic wire stripping and twisting machine cable wire peeling wire stripper


1.Mainly for the stripping and twisting of single core wire and sheath core wire. Commonly used in the processing of thin wires such as computer core wire, isolation wire, telephone wire and cable core wire;

2.Exquisite design,compactstructure,small sizeand easy operation;
3.The function of synchronously stripping multi-wire can increase the productivity and also the product quality;
4. Electrical control, improved model, advanced design, suitable for wire diameter AWG #16-32;
5.Suitable for stripping and twisting of single conductor and multi-stranded plastic coated copper wire. Wire
stripping and twisting can be finished at the same time;


This machine is suitable for thin to thick computer multi-core cables, telephone lines, flat cables, electrical wires etc. Smart design makes the machine compact, light-weight, easier operation, enables multiple synchronization. Compared to other similar products, it shows superior performance and reasonable price.

Maintenance instruction

1. Keep clean for a long time;
2. Slide rail is the main moving part, add lubricating oil once;
3. The clamp block needs to kept clean and free from oil, so as to maintain the strength of the clamp;
4. When finished, cut off the power and air source;
5. Equipped with water filtering device at the air source

3F/3FN/4F/4FN/305/310/315/416 Pneumatic Wire Peeling Stripping Machine Series Parameters

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Company Profile

Founded in 2000, Dongguan Hsnco Precision Mould and Machanical Equipment is located in Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, ChangAn Town. Our company is specialized in wiring harness equipment development, design, production, sales and service. We offer a wide range of wire processing machines and systems for cutting,stripping, crimping, tinning, twisting, coiling and stacking.

Customized Manufacturing Services

Tell us about your product requirements, our engineers can provide you with professional solutions, and our advanced equipment will make machine and machine blade high precision. Our key machinery includes Sodick(Japan) wire cutting machine, CNC machine, grinding machine, automatic lathes.

Air Pressure4.5-7kgs
air wire stripping machinecable stripper
Applicationelectronic;Multi-core Wire stripping & twisting
Cable Peeling MachineVertical Stripping Machine
Machine NameElectric Wire Stripper
ModelVertical Peeling Twisting Machine
Model NumberPneumatic Wire Stripping Machine
Multi core stripping machineSheathed Wire Twisting Machine
OriginMainland China
Peeling Capacity0.5 to 25mm
Pneumatic Peeling MachinePneumatic Stripping Machine
Pneumatic Wire StripperFlat Ribbon Cable Stripping And Twisting Machine
sheathed wire multi-strippingVertical Stripping Machine
Stripping length3 to 25mm
TypeMale to Female
Used forElectric wire stripping & twisting
Voltage220v / 110v
Wire Range0.1mm² - 1.5 mm²

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