Pneumatic Non-Insulation Terminal Crimping Machine Air Nipper for Ring Terminals

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Pneumatic Non-Insulation Terminal Crimping Machine Air Nipper for Ring Terminals

Electric Terminal Crimping Machine

1 set pneumatic crimping machine including 1set of crimping head :

A103 as up photo

If you need other kind of Crimping head please order and mark head number to me ,thank you 

Pneumtic Crimping Machine for Crimping Wire with terminal connectors Specification

1. Multi- function Terminal crimping tools

2. Suitable for : Pre-insulated terminals, Single Grain Terminals, Tubular Terminal, Flag Terminals, Insert Spring Terminals,  Wire Joints Terminals...

3. Function : To Crimping all kind of terminal with Wire make them fixed each other, connect each other ;

4. Crimping Range: Pre-insulated terminals (0.5 - 6mm²),

Single Grain Terminals(0.5-16mm²),

Tubular Terminals(0.25-50mm²),

Flag Terminals(²),

Insert Spring Terminals(0.5-6mm²),

Wire Joints Terminals(0.5-6mm²);

5. Air Pressure: 13.5KN;

6. Pneumatic wire crimping machine Size: 26x12x14cm;

7. Pneumatic Terminal crimping machine weight: 7kg

8. Pneumatic Terminal plier spare parts: 1 pcs pedal, 1pcs crimping head, 2pcs air tube;

Pneumatic Wire Terminal Crimping Tools Package very stronger and safe

Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Applicator Details

1. The pneumatic terminal crimping machine is drive by dual action normal cyliner,which have advantage of high efficiency and high quality in crimping force and speed.

2. The Air Crimping Machine for wire with terminal connector is fit for all kinds of terminals.

3. The crimping head are interchangeable with our manual crimping tools, so we can provide you various kinds of crimping head fro crimping.

Model NumberPneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine
OriginMainland China
TypeMale to Male

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