High Quality Wire Cable Stranding Bunching Twisting Machine Wire Harness Wire Cable Twisting Machine with 5pcs Twist Shaft

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High Quality Wire Cable Stranding Bunching Twisting Machine

Automatic 5 Head Winding Machine

Microcomputer Winding Machine

High Speed Stranding Machine



Wire Twisting Machine





Spindle direction

positive and negative

Active speed

300-7500 continuously adjustable

Maximum storage number

20 paragraphs

Winding error


The largest diameter

1.2mm (20 skeleton)

Adjustable speed


The maximum output statistics





220 * 200 * 300mm

Stand-alone wire twisting machines to twist two or more single wires and cables;

Twisting single wires gives them a higher stability for easier wire routing and improved protection against electromagnetic interference;

Product description

High-speed Wire Twister is a fast twisting tool for the wires , it can set the twisting rounds ,can groups 1~5wires, and twisting each wire by the same treatment. so it is good for large quantity working job .
Which is designed with LCD and background display, the mode of operation of modern like the cell phones.

Can be 1-5 groups of electronic wire.
Speed time can be adjusted according to customer requirements, and you can set the positive and negative.
Dedicated electronic wire with a uniform treatment.
The number of strands with its count by the machine itself.
Simple operation, not easy to malfunction.

High Efficiency Speed Cable Stranding Machine

The Wire Twisting Twister edit all twisting settings in a very short time;

Brushless dc stranding machinehigh speed flax winch machine
Cable Manufacturing Equipmenthigh efficiency speed cable stranding machine
high quality wire twisting machineFully Automatic Pedal Twisting Machine
High speed wire twisterHigh Speed Stranding Machine
Maximum winding diameter1.2mm
Model NumberHS-T5
NameMicrocomputer Winding Machine
OriginMainland China
Product nameWire Cable Stranding Bunching Twisting Machine
semi-automatic twisterhigh-speed twist wire machine
Spindle speed300-7500 rev / min
Stranding capacity2-8RES
TypeMale to Male;Spiral Wrapping
wire twisting machinesMicrocomputer Winding Machine

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