High Precision Side Feed Crimping Terminal Applicator OTP Terminal Machine Mold for Crimping Machine

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High Precision Wire Terminal Crimping OTP

Side Feed Mould Applicator

Horizontal Type OTP

Horizontal Type Terminal Crimping Applicator Specification:

1.         Model :                     High Precision Horizontal Type (Side Feed) ;

2.   OTP Stroke:                    30mm;

3.  Special stroke:                 accept, can make as your request;

4.  OTP Mould Stage:           High Precision;

5. Crimping OTP Feature: Up blade crimping place by sodick wire cut cut

                                          Guarantee the crimping mouth surface smooth

                                          (never happen hurt terminal and never happen when up

                                          blade come up the same time terminal come up);

6. Die Casting Body:          After finished put outside get sunshine;

7. Heat Treatment:           Guarantee the crimping OTP parts more hard more stronger

more long lifetime;

8. After sales Service: Technical English Engineer support you

                                           Any time when you are running mould happen some of

                                           problem we have english engineer talk with you, no need

                                           worry translate wrong or mis-understand your meaning, save                                                 your time and make coummunication easy;

OTP Mold with Blade :   

Means 1 set standard mold and 1 set high speed steel blade(knife) . 

All of Terminal Crimping Blade according customer terminal size make, so after you finished  order. please say to me your terminal size , model, then we are according terminal size make it. 

OTP Terminal Crimping Mould Die Casting Body we put outside get sunshine

Crimping Applicator after several month take to inside 1st by hand Grinding take out rough surface

Wire Terminal Crimping Applicator parts to be sure surface smooth all grinding by machine

So, Please Provide your Terminal and Wires and tell us want to match which kind of press, We will try to give your best service and high precision OTP Mould, thank  you .

and if here show not enough make you satisfied please directly contact me , i will updat more about our Mould  our factory our team. 

After Sales ServiceTechnical English Engineer Support you
Crimping Modelhorizontal Shape OTP
Factory Directly SaleOTP Good adjust and testing
Fit MachineTerminal Crimping Machine
Main FunctionWiring Terminal Crimping insulation
Model NumberHS-T109
Need SampleYes need Terminal and Wire and Seal
OriginMainland China
OTP Blade AdjustRotary Calibrated
OTP Mold Stroke30mm
OTP Mould StageHigh Precison Crimping Mold
TypeMale to Male
UsageCrimping insulation
Used MachineFully Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

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