HS-T008 Sharing Hose Rubber Cutter Bellows Tube Cutting Machine Corrugated Soft Pipe Cut Machine for PVC Hard Plastic PE

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Sharing hose rubber cutter bellows tube cutting machine

corrugated soft pipe cut machine for PVC hard plastic PE

* The size of the pipe can be adjusted automatically or manually


The machine is designed for cutting shield hose, steel hose, metal hose corrugated hose , plastic hose, etc.


The machine is designed for belt cutting with long cutting and high requirement corrugated pipe products. It utilizes the
displacement sensor, positively responds to the predischarge pipe, and proactively delivers it to a high degree of accuracy. It is
the ideal product for automobile wiring harness, new energy harness, aerospace, motorcar and city Rail transportation,
high-voltage electrical cabinets and other high-end customers preferred.
HS-T008 Bellowed pipe cutting machine corrugated tube cutting machine

Cutting length5-9999mm
Cutting speed10-60/Minute(depends on the cutting length)
Cutting width6-30mm
Functioncut shrink fiber tube;PE PVC rubber plastic etc
Model NumberHS-T008
Namecorrugated tube cutting machine
OriginMainland China
TypeMale to Male
Voltage220v/110v 50HZ/60HZ

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