Automatic wire stripping cutting machine

Wire stripping cutting and bending machine WPM-09ZWJ

Wire stripping cutting and bending machine WPM-09ZWJ 2.5-16mm2Wire cross-section: 2.5-16mm2Conduit diameter: 10mmStripping length: Head side 0-20mmTail side 0-20mmCutting length: 1-100000mmFeatures:Au

Wire stripping cutting and bending machine WPM-09ZWJ 2.5-16mm2
Wire cross-section: 2.5-16mm2
Conduit diameter: 10mm
Stripping length: Head side 0-20mm
Tail side 0-20mm
Cutting length: 1-100000mm

Automatic Full Computer Wire Stripping Machine
Adopt the advanced automation technology from Japan, Taiwan.
It is a kind of numerical control equipment.

Apply for:
Widely used in the electronics industry, the city ahs, electrical appliances, motors, lamps, toys,
and other various products of wire processing.
Optimal stripped wire PVC /Teflon /silica gel line /. Glass fiber, etc.

Available Wire Cross-Section Range:2.5-16mm2
Conduit Diameter:¢10mm
Cutting Length:1~100000mm
Cutting Tolerance: ±(0.002×L)  (L=Cutting Length)
Stripping Length: Head 0~20mm, Tail 0~20mm
Middle Stripping Section: /
Speed:  1000-2000pcs/h
Display Way: English LCD display
Drive Mode: 2 Drives
Blade Material: Hard tungsten steel
Bending: U shaped, Z  shapes, clockwise, counterclockwise,                
Adjustable bending angle,30,45,60,90 degrees
Power Supply: 220V/50Hz   110V/60Hz
Power Rating: 650W