Vertical injection molding machine

Automatic Euro-standard power plug molding machine WPM-701-3.5T 

Automatic Euro-standard power plug molding machine

Vertical Type Injection Moulding Machine WPM-701-3.5T

1. WPM-701-3.5T vertical injection molding machine, It's suitable for the common electric appliance plug, the electronic components, and so on small inlays to take shape.

2. Two(three sections)the temperature control/projects the speed/backpressure and so on not to have the section adjustment,701-3.5T Vertical injection molding machine suits components of the precise reverted to take shape.

3. WPM-701-3.5T vertical injection molding machine fast lock mold/low pressure idling speed closes the mold, locks the mold exceptionally when then Automatic tight open the mold. This special safe design, and so on can get up the protective function to the mold.

4. The ping dies fixed/op die activity type, takes shape inlays to have a very good localization in the mold. The end product has the fluid capping to leave the installment, the end product takes out extremely facilitates easily.

5. WPM-701-3.5T injection molding machine electrically controlled fitting/hydraulic pressure fitting uses the domestically produced nWPM-e brand The precise durable revolution noise is low. Locks mold strength 15TON - 55TON, has PLC to the Electrically controlled computer single to press the control or the computer entire the electrically controlled computer single to press the control or the computer entire proportion(ratio presses ratio to flow )controls three kinds, may supply the customer choice.

6. May supplement Sand up mold IS with double slippery mold 2S.Lets the operator be more convenient
Production efficiency Gauguin security.

Model    WPM-701-3.5T
Screw diWPM-eter (mm)    ¢26 / ¢28 / ¢30
(PS)Max Injection weight (g)    56 / 64 / 74
(PS)Safe Shot Weight (oz)    2.0 / 2.3/ 2.6
Screw stroke (mm)    120
Screw speed rotation (r.p.m.)    0-150
Nozzle contact force (t f)    2.4
ClWPM-ping force (tons)    35
Opening stroke (mm)    200
Mold space (mm)    570x380
Min.thickness of mold (mm)    150/100
Hydraulic ejector force (tons)    1.3
Injector stroke (mm)    35
Injection pressure (kg/cm2)    1530 / 1278 / 886
Oil tank capacity (L)    100
Drive motor (kw)    6.3
Dimensions (L x W x H)M    1.5x 1.05x 2.72
Weight (kg)    1300


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