Nylon Cable Tie Machine

Semi-auto cable tie machine WPM-80-160

cable tie machine

Semi-auto cable tie machine WPM-80-160

For vibration plate can't on all kinds of cable tie

Ribbon width: 2.5-4.8MM

Plastic Zip Binding Nylon Cable Tie machine
Strapping ability :600-900PCS/H


Functions and features

---Small, quick, reliable, cost-effective
---It’s a must for any cable harness production facility
---Pneumatic actuation of the feed roller, can be feeding speed can be adjusted ---Our machines are customized to your product according to the type and cable tie length and requirements of your application
---Automatic feeding, strapping, and cutting.
---PLC Control, touch screen.

Tape Shear residual length

0-2(mm)  The length can be adjusted manually

Maximum strapping diameter

Maximum tying diameter80mm

80mm  Tying  Ф10MM
100mm Tying Ф16MM
120mm Tying Ф20MM
150mm Tying Ф30MM

160mm Tying Ф32MM

200MM Tying Ф34MM

nylon cable width


Max strapping force



Strapping wire harness

Power Supply

AC220V; 50HZ /60HZ  750W

Strapping ability






Plastic Zip Binding Nylon Cable Tie machine Apply for:

this machine is used for  tie all kinds of wires, including AC wire, DC wire, PC wire, USB wire, PS/2 keyboard mouse line, and so on