Brazing welding machine

Automatic Brazing Machine WPM-155

Automatic Brazing Machine

Description Automatic Brazing Machine is the newest automatic welding machine developed by our company. This machine applies to welding all kinds of copper workpieces. The high-frequency brazing technique and robotic arm realize the welding between workpieces. It has advantages of a wide range of applications, good effect, high efficiency, cost-saving and environmental, etc.

Air Pressure: 0.5-1.0MPA
Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Maximum power of the main engine: 3.4KW
Power of main engine:1.5KW
Maximum power of Brazing Machine:20KW
Cooling hydraulic pressure:0.2MPa
Influent temperature: less than 40℃
Speed:8 seconds/piece
Floor space:5020mm*2100mm


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