Tape wrapping machine

Auto tape wrapping machine WPM-301

Coil winding tape winding machine|auto wrapping machine WPM-301Features1, WPM-301 automatic taping machine 2. Product adv

Coil winding tape winding  machine|auto wrapping machine WPM-301


1,  WPM-301 automatic taping machine

2. Product advantage: For the wire and complex forming, provides automated placement and winding.

3. It not only can guarantee the high quality of the wiring harness but also good value.

We manufacture all types of WPM-301 tape winding machines. High quality & low price! and provide OEM service.

Tape width:2-40mm

Taping length:0-600mm/second

Wire diameter:0.1-50mm  


Nametape wrapping machine

Tape width 2-30mm

Wire diameter0.1-30mm

Winding length0-600mm/second



Motor powerAC220V 50/60Hz 300W