Portable Chargeable Wire Harness Tape Wrapping Machine

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Handheld Chargeable Wire Harness Taping Machine

Product details




Wire Diameter


Winding length

Unlimited, manual control

Tape type

PVC / velvet / acetic acid tape (without release paper), etc.

The inner hole of tape reel

38mm. Special customized(Please inform the size in advance)

Applicable tape size

Width 10-25mm, outer diameter less 110mm.

Power supply

AC 220V 50/60HZ





Winding speed



Machine Introduction

1. Good effect, high speed.

2. Winding laps adjustable.

3. The distance and overlap of the tape can be adjusted to reduce waste, and the tape automatically jumps to the next position. No additional process is required to prepare for the next step.

4. Can add the base, use the machine as a desktop type.

Related machines options:
Add the desktop base to use it as a desktop machine, remove the base to use it as a handheld tool.
SR-303B1 handheld with desktop base:
SR-303B2 handheld with desktop base and drive roller:


Model NumberSR-303B
OriginMainland China

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