Upgrade TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver 42/57/86 Nema 23 34 Nema17 32 Segments 4.0A 42VDC for 3D CNC Wood Router Engraving Machine

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Upgrade TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver 42/57/86 Nema 23 Nema 34 Nema17 32 Segments 4.0A 42VDC for CNC Wood Router Engraving Machine

Package include: 1pcs Upgrade TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver

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1. 9V-42V DC power supply;

2. H-bridge bipolar constant-phase current drive;

3. Eight output currents up to 4.0A are optional;

4. 6 kinds of subdivision modes of big 32 subdivision are optional;

5. High-speed photoelectric isolation of input signals;

6. Standard common anode single pulse interface;

7. Offline hold function;

8. The semi-enclosed casing can adapt to more severe environments;

9. Provide energy-saving semi-automatic current locking function;

10. Built-in temperature protection and over current protection.


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Some basic Questions:

1. Question: How can I get started as soon as possible when using this stepper driver for the first time?

Answer: After the power supply and the motor are correctly connected,

only the pulse signal PUL is connected (first set the frequency to within 1K),

the subdivision is set to 16, the direction and offline are suspended, and the motor defaults to forward after power on. After the operation is correct, test the acceleration (increasing frequency),

direction, subdivision and offline functions in turn.

2. Question: Is it necessary to add series resistance if the control signal is higher than 5V?

Answer: The upgraded TB6600 does not need to add series resistance.

3. Question: The power indicator light is on after wiring, but the motor does not rotate. What is the reason?

Answer: If the wiring is correct, but still does not turn, it means that the drive capacity of the control part is not enough.

This situation mostly occurs in the direct control mode of the io port of the single-chip microcomputer.

Please ensure that the control interface has a 5mA drive capability.

4. Question: How to judge the definition of the four lines of a stepper motor?

Answer: Connect any two wires of the motor together. At this time,

there is resistance when twisting the motor rotor by hand.

Then the two lines are the same phase and can be connected to the driver A+, A-;

There is still resistance when the other two lines are short-circuited, so connect these two lines to B+ and B-.

5. Q: The forward and reverse rotation of the motor is opposite to what should be actually achieved?

Answer: It is only necessary to interchange the two wires of one phase of the motor.



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ModelUpgraded TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver
Model NumberUpgraded TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver
Motor TypeStepper Motor
OriginMainland China
Power supplyDC

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